• Is the application free?

    Yes, Private Guide app is absolutely free. Travelers pay only for the tours personally to the guide.

  • Why my avatar picture was rejected?

    It happens that your profile does not pass moderation because of an inappropriate AVATAR photo and we kindly ask you to change your avatar picture. The picture has to be of good quality, your face has to be shown clearly and focused. You must be alone in this picture, to use other people's images is not allowed! Our service is for searching for Private Tour Guides so it is very important for our tourists to see what their tour guide looks like precisely, they are not happy to see your company logo or any other abstract image on avatar place. They do not care about any company, but they DO CARE about your look!
    And very often a good avatar picture becomes a reason why tourists choose one tour guide but not others!
    So now your profile was not moderated but rejected and it is not in search for tour guides in your city till the moment you change your avatar picture.
    If you have any difficulties with uploading and rotating pictures in your profile (avatar) or tours, please watch the tutorial video (in English) with some instructions on our YouTube channel
    When you are satisfied with your photo rotation and zooming please do not forget to press the green button ✅ as a validation of your final choice and then SAVE on the bottom of the page to save all the new information or pictures you added during the editing!
    Thank you for your understanding!

  • How do I delete my profile?

    You cannot delete your account in your personal member area by yourself. Send us an email (the address is given in "Contact us" at the bottom of the page), and within 30 minutes your page will be removed by the administration.

  • How do I contact tech support?

    To get technical support, send us an email. The address is given in "Contact us" at the bottom of the page.

  • Why I can not send my answer to a tourist message?

    the problem is that your free trial period expired and now you need to pay annual membership for using PRIVATE GUIDE WORLD services including answering your tourist's inquiries!

    You can easily check the cost of an annual subscription here 
    and make the online payment with a bank card or PayPal.
    You need to log in to your profile on www.pg.world and go to the SUBSCRIPTION section, choose your country and follow simple steps to proceed with payment. As soon as you make it successfully your profile will become ACTIVE immediately and you will be able to use all of the options and functions of our online platform.
    If none of these payment methods are comfortable for you, please send a message with your questions to support@pg.world and for sure we will find a solution! 

  • How long does the moderation take and why do I need it?

    If you just signed up, or made some changes to your profile, the information is not immediately displayed on the site. At first, it will be checked by the administration. This is to avoid appearing compromising photos or offensive messages at the site. The moderation lasts for a maximum of 24 hours.

  • Why don't you charge some % from every completed tour but ask for an annual fixed fee instead?

    We created our service based not on a traditional commission basis because any commission will be much more than a fixed annual charge. Try to calculate by yourself! If a standard full-day tour costs 200-300€ and we charge 20% commission it will be 40-60€. And this is commission only for 1 tour!

    At the same time, our annual membership cost 30-70€ per year depending on the country. But how many tours can a guide make in 1 year? 10? 20? 50?
    Our registered tour guides make a minimum of 10 tours per year and pay us a 40-60€ annual fee instead of 400-600€ for 10 tours commission! Big difference, right?

    Our idea was not to interfere in any negotiations between tour guides and tourists! Of course, it brings more responsibility to a tour guide but this is his/her professional activity and they know what they do!

  • I am a registered tour guide and I received a tourist inquery on this platform. How can I answer a tourist?

    If you want to answer any message please follow the link in a received notification or just log in to your account on our platform https://pg.world, or in App, open the CHAT/DASHBOARD section and click on the red button REPLY next to the message.
    You will find all incoming messages in the CHAT/DASHBOARD section of your profile and will be able to answer them if your account is active. Only, in this case, the addressee will receive your answer!  You also can IGNORE or DELETE the messages you are not interested in by pressing the corresponding button.
    Please watch our tutorial video in English about our in-built messenger on our YouTube channel (simply click on the picture below)

  • How do I edit my profile?

    You can make changes one of two ways: through the menu in the upper right corner (1), or by selecting the desired option on the profile panel (2). Save the changes by clicking "Save" at the bottom of the page.

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