• How do I edit my profile?

    You can make changes one of two ways: through the menu in the upper right corner (1), or by selecting the desired option on the profile panel (2). Save the changes by clicking "Save" at the bottom of the page.

  • I noticed your posts with tour guides registered on your platform with their tours on many social media. I wanna be there, too! What should I do to be posted, too?

    Only those private tour guides who

    • are registered on our platform Private Guide World on www.pg.world
    • support their account active
    • pay annual subscription 

    have the privilege to be published with their profile and tours on all of our six social networks Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube.

  • Why do some additional functions not work?

    Do not block pop-up windows without reading the information. By blocking pop-ups, you can disable useful features (as password saving), which you then can enable only through technical support.

  • Can I have 2 or 3 profiles on your platform as a tour guide?

    Absolutely, NO! It is strictly forbidden by our regulations. The problem is if you'd have more than 1 profile on our platform it brings a lot of confusion for us as platform creators and for tourists who face the same tour guide in different profiles.

  • I am a bilingual tour guide in English and German. How can I present my profile description and tours in both languages?

    Now on the website www.pg.world, you can make descriptions of your profile and tours in 6 languages we use on our platform.
    Just open the EDIT section of your tour guide profile on the web version of our services and next to the description field you will see 6 different flags symbolizing the corresponding languages. Open the language you need and enter the description in the appropriate field. Repeat this procedure for each language separately if necessary. Press the SAVE button to upload new information. The same procedures are valid for tour descriptions, too!
    After every editing done in your profile, it goes for moderation first, and only after successful moderation, it will appear online.

  • I uploaded a picture for my tour but on the webpage, it displays vertically, not horizontally. How can I change it?

    It looks like you uploaded that photo directly from your smartphone. 
    When uploading photos, your images may sometimes appear to upload "sideways". Our system does not rotate images automatically during the upload process. The reason your photo would appear this way is that the photo was taken by your smartphone vertically and the image file itself is in this orientation.
    But you can easily rotate your pic immediately after uploading. There is a special tool for this - a red colored "circle with arrow" in the down right corner. Each time you press this button you will turn your photo 90° clockwise, so finally you can put it in the correctly visible position.

    If you have any difficulties with uploading and rotating pictures please watch the tutorial video (in English) with some instructions here
    When you are satisfied with your photo rotation and zooming press the green button ✅ in the same down-right corner and then SAVE at the bottom of the page with your complete tour!
    Thank you for understanding!

  • Why do I need to specify detailed information about myself?

    A completely filled in profile is more efficient because:

    • The text is displayed not only in the service but also in the search engines. Unique descriptions are given high positions in the search results and are seen by a large number of people. It means that tourists are more likely to view your profile and to send you orders.
    • Your profile is a good self-presentation. The information about your education, interests and tours will attract the attention of customers.
    • Tourists want the communication with the guide to be informative and positive. A detailed description will help them get to know you better.
  • Which settings do I choose to make the application show guides closest to me?

    To find a guide in the same region, choose the menu "Search guides nearby" and turn on the location data service. The filter will select users.

  • Do you check guides that sign up to your Service?

    The Service features are aimed to provide to users with detailed information about the guide that they see fit to tell about themselves. The responsibility for its faithful representation rests with guides. Nevertheless, we are committed to develop the existing reviews section to help the tourists share their experiences.

  • Is the Service fee-based?

    The service is absolutely free of charge for tourists. Guides, starting from the second month of registration, will pay a nominal fee. 

  • How can I contact a guide?

    To start a dialogue, please sign up. It is enough information to specify your email address and password. The sign up is necessary to be able to share your impressions of communicating with the guide.

    Choose a guide you would like to start a dialogue with, go to his profile and choose "Message" from the menu. If you want to talk to multiple users, click on "Bulk message". Then you can start a dialogue with the users you have chosen.

  • Will my correspondence be visible to other users?

    Your personal correspondence is only visible to you and the person who you are talking with. This information is not available to other users.

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